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February 21st Lunch and Learn

Networking starts at 11:30. Program begins at noon, and includes lunch for only $10 for members and $15 for non-members! Presenters showcase knowledge of interest to businesses. 

Lunch provider: Larry's Smokehouse  (website)

Date: Tuesday, February 21st,  2017

Time: 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Place: Forum Building in Mill Creek Town Center 
15111 Main Street, Ste. #209 Mill Creek, WA. 98012

Guest Speaker:  Michael Irons, Probation Services Manager for Snohomish County Denney Juvenile Justice Center

Topic: Overview and goals for the Trails to Success program

Information: The goal of Trails to Success (TTS) is to prepare youth for employment and what employers expect out of a new employee. We work with youth to help them understand the importance of how they are precieved by the public while at work, getting to work on time, communicating with the employer, and how to work in groups. The primary focus is on making TTS participant’s time in the program a positive experience.  Youth are also provided assistance with education advocacy and support.  Youth are less likely to engage in delinquent behavior if they have a postive work experience, are engaged in school, and feel connected to their community. 

TTS Overview:

Two week (eight day) intensive work experience program

* Two days are spent at Worksource of Snohomish County learning how to build a resume, practicing interview skills, and providing youth with information on what Worksource offers

* One day is spent at a business visit to learn about careers and what employers expect out of prospective employees

* One day is dedicated to individual skill development goals and employment goals

* Four days of supervised work time is spent at the job site working as a team on various projects indoor and out

  - Youth receive education transition services and job/intern placement assistance beyond the initial two week intensive work experience program

  - Education advocacy and supports are provided by the Educational Services District 189 for each youth’s individualized education plan

  - Youth receive a $200 stepend for completing the program

  - Youth gain the ability to pay financial obligations and victim restitution

TTS Target Population:

  - Juvenile Court involved youth 15-20 years of age

  - Youth are on probation or diversion contract and motivated to participate in TTS (program participation is completely voluntary)

  - Youth may be disengaged from school or at risk of dropping out

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